Short Term Trading V Long Term Investing

Ceri Shepherd

12/6/2021 1 min read

We make no excuses, and no apologies, we are long term traders, always have been and always will be. We have one index that we trade the S&P 500, and we have made a total of 7 trades from January 1995 to December 2020, that is it. 

Back in the 1980,s i tried short term trading and i have done so on many occasions since,. My belief is that you are effectively just paddling about in the “market noise”. No definable direction, no market edge, just as likely to have a down day as an up day. I am sure there are many successful short term & day traders.

It is just when you Google this term, nothing actually comes up. Wall Street loves this style of trading, lots & lots of brokerage fees. We are not a very attractive proposition for Wall Street as a total of 7 trades in 26 years, so it does not mean many brokerage fees. Nobody on Wall Street is getting rich out of Trendinvestor and that should tell you something. 


To make money consistently it is vital within the markets to have a definable edge, this is your consistency over a period of time, this is INVESTING without this you are into the realms of GAMBLING.

Many people make a lot of money, in each and every Bull market and then give most of it back in the ensuing Bear market, you have to have a system with a definable edge that will make it through all market cycles.

We very much believe that the only way to achieve outstanding market results, is long term investing over many years or as Warren Buffett said “A multi decade time horizon”

All we are effectively doing, is compounding our market edge
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