What we can provide.

We can provide our signals that have provided the results published on this website, and we can also manage money directly for you. Please contact us to discuss the various options.

Either way our fee is non negotiable we charge 25% of any profits that we generate, and we also have in place a high water mark.

At Trendinvestor we believe very strongly that you should only be paying us when we have generated a profit, which is why we do not charge any administration fees, or any other fees. It is simply a flat fee of 25% of any profits that we generate.

Please read this blog https://trendinvestor.co.uk/newBlogPost-zT8YYc that shows how our fees are actually lower than the standard Hedge Fund 1 + 20 fee structure.

We also feel that our exceptional results over a considerable period of time justify our fees.

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