Your Fee Is 25% of Profits?

Ceri Shepherd

12/5/2021 1 min read

Simple answer, YES

We feel that our results have been so exceptional over such a long period of time that we justify this fee.

Most Hedge Funds charge a 1 to 2% administration fee and a 20% performance fee, and the average Hedge Fund over the last 26 years, since the inception of Trendinvestor has produced an average annual return of 8.09% according to the Credit Suisse Hedge Fund index that we use. 

Now with a £100,000 account you would actually pay each year either £1000 or £2000 administration fee and a £1618 performance fee. So with a 1% administration fee a total of £2618 and with a 2% administration fee a total of £3618.

With Trendinvestor you would simply pay the performance fee which would be £2022, we are actually cheaper, and represent better value.

We do not believe in administration fees that are paid all of the time regardless of performance over a considerable period of time they significantly cut back on your results. We only believe that we should be paid as and when we make you a profit.

We operate a “High Water Mark” so if we make a loss this has to be fully made back the high water mark, before we generate any more performance fees. 

We also believe that our percentage should reflect the quality of our system. Look at our results over the last 26 years.
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