Our Market Beliefs

Ceri Shepherd

11/27/2021 1 min read

Our website will be very much be in the vein of Warren Buffett,s Berkshire Hathaway website, MINIMALIST ! Trendinvestor was developed 26 years ago now, back in 1995, we have only ever traded the S&P 500 via Futures Contracts, Spreadbets, and CFD,s 

Looking back in hindsight that was absolutely the correct decision.I am not a believer of complexity, the market is fundamentally simple, it is comprised of various duration trends, the skill is to identify the primary trend and simply ride that trend over considerable periods of time. 

It is time that is important, because time provides compound interest the 7th wonder of the world according to Mr Rothschild, it is this compound interest over a considerable period of time that provides the outstanding results.

We are investors that ride the dominant primary trends within the S&P 500 hence our name Trendinvestor

We use the S&P 500 because it is one of the oldest and the largest stock index,s in the world, it is incredibly liquid, and because of its immense size it moves more predictably, it is a true supertanker.

Many will say that the S&P 500 is "boring" & "slow" not sexy like the NASDAQ or particularly the FAANG stocks? this is what i so love about the S&P 500 its immense size leading to a far greater predictability as regards primary trend, therefore allowing us to use limited leverage.

This predictability allied to limited leverage over time always leads to superior returns.

I am just not interested in so called stock market metrics such as Alpha, Gamma or frankly whatever !. We produce a return that is yours to reinvest or spend, nobody is ever going to ask you how that return was made within the market, a return is simply a return, Money is money.Our returns obtained using our system are either acceptable to you or they are not.

I think it was Warren Buffett who said that "To make big money in the stock market you need a work ethic of extreme sloth" or the great Jesse Livermore who said "It was never my thinking that made me the big money it was always my ability to sit tight" at Trendinvestor we absolutely subscribe to both of these viewpoints IT IS ALWAYS TIME that makes the results.  

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