Quarterly Results?

Ceri Shepherd

12/5/2021 1 min read

We only produce results every quarter, and have been doing so now for many years for the following reasons

1 It is far easier for us to do it this way, also easier as regards our billing we simply get paid 25% of any profits generated within the quarter

2 Easier for customers, markets move around all over the place on a daily or weekly time frame. However over a longer period of time such as a quarter they become more predictable and in line with the dominant primary trend. This gives our customers an easier time, as results are more “damped” this helps immeasurably with the psychological side of trading within any market. It is also a major benefit for our customers as there money has more time to compound without our fee deduction, which instead of happening every month with a normal fund, only happens every 3 months with Trendinvestor. 

3 We are seriously considering at the moment going to a 6 month period for results production and billing 

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